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Hi, I'm Lindsey. 

I'm a simple girl.  I love Thai food, pedicures, and driving my Jeep.  I am passionate about my 4 kids and all things self improvement. 

I discovered life coaching as a struggling young mom and what I learned changed my life.  I loved it so much that after I got my degree in Psychology, I became a certified Health coach and Life Coach. 

My passion lies in teaching teens and their parents tried and tested truths to live their best life.  With the right tools, I believe anything is possible. 


Why I do what I do.

Throughout my coaching career, I have coached many demographics.  But there is just something special about coaching teenagers.  Once they realize they have more control of their thoughts, feelings, actions, and outcomes in their lives, they light up with a hungry desire to show up and be more engaged in their lives.  It's pretty magical. 

After some time, I realized that a motivated, empowered teen is the kind of person what we need in today's world. 

Your teen is Our future.

I believe that every single teen has the capacity for greatness.  Sometimes, it's just a matter of a small mindset adjustment plus learning a few key principles that can help them see life in a new way.  That's why I've focused my course content on teaching teens tools to understand who they are, how to manage their thoughts and feelings, and avoid pitfalls that keep them from being great. 

My approach is to teach teens the basic life coaching skills they need to thrive.  I do this using multiple approaches that leverage our brain's power to promoting learning and change.   I'm here to guide teens so they can approach their lives with confidence and power.

In my coaching, I combine 4 learning techniques to promote massive growth. 



The first step to growth is receiving quality education.  I have carefully selected topics that will benefit your teen to promote growth and encourage critical thinking to open their minds to endless possibilities and potential. What I teach is up to date and backed by research. 



Even though education is vital to change,  we don't change by listening.  We change by doing and experiencing.  Each lesson comes with tailored action steps to help apply what we learn.   It's the doing and practicing that really accelerates growth. 



Reflection allows each teen to take general life coaching principles and make them personal.  Life coaching requires introspection and examining your thoughts and feelings to bring clarity and tailored direction.  In my programs, there are intentional spaces to provide your teen with much needed time and space to reflect. 



While your teen is learning, growing, and changing, coaching can be an invaluable tool.  That's why I also offer live 1:1 coaching where I can work with your teen individually.  I'm here to encourage, support, and coach. 

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I believe that when we strengthen the teens,
we strengthen the world. 

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I'm here to help.

From where I sit as a mom and a life coach, I know that today's teens are struggling.  And that's why I developed these programs.  I'm here to empower teens.  

In my coaching practice, I had so many teens coming to me with real problems, real worries, and I realized they are living in a world that is so different from than anything we have seen. They were suffering when they didn't have to.

The tools and skills I teach can help every teen. I'm so excited to share them with the world.  



Let's Get Started

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