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hi, I'm Lindsey.

i'm a certified life coach and health coach,

And i'm here to help your teen.


In today's world, we must be proactive in supporting our teen's mental health.

Self Esteem

Emotional Resilience


Hope for the future

Motivation to Live their Best Life

Does your teen Need More:

They are not alone.  Nearly 1 in 5 of today's teens struggle with anxiety and depression, but for a good reason.  We are living in unprecedented times.  With increased academic pressures and stress, the current global climate, social media usage, body image ideals, and lack of a supportive lifestyle, our teens are suffering.  

You don't need to watch your teen struggle anymore.  You can give them tools that will help them for the rest of their life.  

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We can help your teen THRIVE with life coaching.

Our Mission is to Help Teens:


Build Emotional Resilience 


Thoughts and Feelings


Decrease Anxiety & Increase 

We Do This By:

Strengthening Identity

Processing Feelings

Discovering Character & Values

Building Healthy Habits


Nurturing an Anti-Anxiety Lifestyle

Setting Boundaries around Social Media

Body Appreciation

Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul

Understanding the Power of your Thoughts

Learning How Your Brain Works

It's the educational experience you
don't want your teen to miss.

Our Programs



Powerful You(th) is the social-emotional education tool box that every teen needs.  It's an 8 week self-guided, coach supported program where we cover major topics like thoughts, feelings, body image, confidence, anxiety, and SO much more.

Thriving in
Middle School


Thriving in Middle School is a new course built specifically for tweens in Middle School.  It teaches skills that will increase confidence and help your tween successfully navigate the unique challenges in this time of their lives.

(Gender neutral boxes available)

"Before I started life coaching, I really struggled with processing my emotions and dealing with anxiety. Lindsey has helped me realize different things about myself and why these thoughts and feelings are happening. She has helped me find better ways to cope and deal with my anxiety and emotions and now I feel like I have time to enjoy life."
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